Lafayette and its native sons and daughters are not only getting ink but also air time.

On National Public Radio's Weekend Edition this past Saturday, host Scott Simon interviewed former New York Yankees legends Yogi Berra and Ron "Louisiana Lightning" Guidry.

Berra is a three-time MVP catcher and Guidry is a four-time all-star and Cy Young Award winning pitcher — in case you forgot. The pair developed a special bond during annual trips to Yankees spring training in Florida during which Guidry became the elder Berra's de facto chauffeur and dinner companion.

Simon talked to the duo about their friendship, which is the story of New York Times sports columnist Harvey Araton's new book, Driving Mr. Yogi: Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry, and Baseball's Greatest Gift.

Humorous and insightful, the interview revealed the special relationship the two have. You could hear the connection in their voices.

Guidry apparently introduced Berra to frog legs, but it took some persuading to get the catcher to try them. We'll pick up where Simon asks Guidry about it, according to the NPR transcript:

SIMON: How did it happen, Mr. Guidry, that you got Yogi Berra to eat frog legs?

GUIDRY: Well, the first time it was no. And this went on for a couple of years until finally I put them on the table and I said either you try one today or we're not going out to eat anymore while we're here. And he had about two weeks left. So, he tried one. And as soon as he tried one, ever since then that's the first thing he asked for every winter.

Simon went on to ask the two former Major Leaguers what they have learned from each other over the years.

GUIDRY: I've always said it's probably some of the best times I've spent in my life is just being around him. We're quite fond of each other. We might not say it. We might not show it. But we are quite fond of each other. He is my best friend.

BERRA: I feel the same way as he does. I give (unintelligible) with me. We talk during the winter. When the season's over, we talk together.

GUIDRY: It'll be funny. There will be some nights where he's in Montclair, New Jersey, I'm in Lafayette, Louisiana, and we're both watching the game and he'll call. And then he'll get on me for something that a pitcher did a thousand miles away.

To check it out or take a listen, go here.


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