After Thursday night’s directive from the LPSB to push for the final adoption of what many consider a fatally flawed budget — one that would lead to massive across-the-board cuts and possible violations of state and federal laws — Superintendent Pat Cooper responded Friday with a statement outlining the reasons why he wouldn't be complying with the board's instructions.

In this letter to the editor, Lafayette Parish School Board member Shelton Cobb (the board's former president) weighs in on the difficulty behind this year's budget process, calling out a number of his fellow board members over their inability to drop their power struggle with the superintendent and make the interests of the students a top priority.

The Lafayette community came together just a few years ago to develop the 100% In 100% Out Plan, also known as the Turnaround Plan. The plan now faces an uncertain future in the current school budget debate, with our children's recent gains and future progress hanging in the balance.

In this letter to the editor, Lafayette Parish Superintendent of Schools Pat Cooper addresses this year's budget crisis and a number of accusations being levied against the school system.

The plan could just as easily be called PILOTTWACNAWBCFTFOTEL (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes That We Aren’t Collecting Now And Won’t Be Collecting For The Foreseeable Future On This Empty Land).


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