mary kathleen

"I have never seen anyone who worked harder for our people than Sen. Mary Landrieu, so I would like to share a synopsis of a few of the many things she has done to help Louisiana."

"I feel it is appropriate to speak up when there are topics that are being bandied about with little or no factual data to back them."

"Based on her last Op Ed, Kathleen Espinoza would like for you to believe that the Chamber of Commerce and LaPESC want to rob the LPSS of funding and funnel money out of our state. Never once in her piece did she explain why charter schools exist in Lafayette Parish."

Whatever district you are in, please do your research. Find out what the schools need in order to teach. Better yet, ask your child’s teacher. They know!

"Attaining and sustaining an excellent school system requires a collaborative, respectful school board/superintendent leadership team, united around a common vision for action."


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