"This is yet another example of the failed leadership and lack of focus that Hunter Beasley has exhibited. He’s shown zero regard for kids, teachers or even passing a budget for the school year that’s already started."

"Just as the devil does not deserve equal time with God, and a lie does not deserve equal time with the truth, the remarks of William Donahue have no place in any respectable journal seriously dealing with a serious story and pursuing truth."

Lafayette Parish School Board member Tehmi Chassion's dismissive attitude over being named in a federal lawsuit alleging bias against Superintendent Pat Cooper should come as no surprise.

beasley read moreThe eagerness shown earlier this week by Lafayette Parish School Board president Hunter Beasley upon receiving a findings report from the special attorney investigating Superintendent Pat Cooper quickly faded once his fellow board members started asking for copies.

School board members will meet in executive session during tonight’s meeting to discuss a potential federal lawsuit calling for an end to the investigation of Superintendent Pat Cooper and the standoff over this year’s budget adoption.


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