Harson socialist carouselActually he’s not, but in this age of say anything, which the Harson campaign has perfected, we thought, ‘What the hell?’

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Belief in a national outbreak of the Ebola zombie virus is becoming more of a threat every day, and The Hayride — Louisiana’s one true bastion for unrelentingly conservative political commentaries — thought it wise to share a certain special someone's  “important message” with readers Tuesday on what to do when, not if, it comes.

boustany ebola carouselEbola is kind of terrifying if you watch too much Fox News and CNN. Especially Fox, which makes everything look terrifying because, well, War on Christmas and Obama and all.

A common thread runs through many of those we oppose: Enshrining in the Constitution protections on programs and their funding sources has had a disastrous effect on Louisiana’s most important economic development engine.


The chaos plaguing the Orleans Parish School Board for the last two years is eerily similar to our own public ed woes. But hey, at least we have a superintendent, we have a vision and we have a plan for the future of our school system.


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