unforgivable carouselIn what world does it make sense to balance the budget for a public school system by cutting schools from the poorest neighborhoods?

sad demise carousel

After the Louisiana Democratic Party (endorsed Edwin Edwards), I drove to the East Baton Rouge Parish Governmental Building to change my party registration to “none.”

The LPSB is poised and ready to move forward with the termination of Pat Cooper following a discussion Thursday with the attorney hired for the investigation of the superintendent, but a decision of this magnitude should be left up to the new board seated in January, especially with three pro-investigation board members bailing out come the new year.

jindal jet carouselAccording to Gov. Bobby Jindal, President Barack Obama needs to stop talking about “justice” and start murdering people, even if we have to go alone.

"This is yet another example of the failed leadership and lack of focus that Hunter Beasley has exhibited. He’s shown zero regard for kids, teachers or even passing a budget for the school year that’s already started."


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