The worst thing about having your only child grow up and become an adult is not having an excuse to see an animated movie. The best thing about having an only child is that she is still willing to see an animated movie with her mom.

With Amber at UL graduation
So recently, my daughter and I went to see Despicable Me 2 and it was amazing. I thought I would have to wait and make my nieces see it with me, even though they saw it already. (Side note, my youngest niece does a great impression of the lipstick Taser scene). I think the reason I enjoy animated movies is that they make me feel youthful and innocent. Animated movies are good entertainment and they tell great stories about life. In fact, this movie had several great themes in it. It dealt with single-parenthood and dating, finding your mate, women who focus on their careers and do not have families, and what parents are willing to do for their children. As a single parent, the movie was replete with themes that appealed to me, but the message was less threatening because it was dispensed in the form of a little yellow minion.

As a mother, I have struggled with balancing a career and a family, dating and dealing with a child’s growing pains. Motherhood is not simple and it is definitely not easy, but the best reward I have received thus far is seeing my daughter walk across the stage as a college graduate. I am so proud of her perseverance through struggles, difficult classes or teachers to receive a bachelor’s degree from UL Lafayette. The thing about daughters is that they don’t realize why we nag or provide unsolicited advice to them. My daughter is so much like me and I want to push her in another direction. Be better than me Amber; do better than I did because there is nothing you cannot conquer. Amber is accomplished, smart, and beautiful, if I may say so myself.  She is part of me – the best part.

Being a parent is the hardest job I have ever had. Despicable Me 2 was a great testament to that very issue. We work so hard to protect our children from hurt and pain, and we want to freeze anyone in a block of ice who hurts our children or causes them distress. Personally, I think that lipstick Taser could come in very handy for that very reason (just joking, not really).

I thought once my child became an adult that my role as a parent would be done and I could ride off into the sunset, figuratively speaking of course. Now, our relationship has changed to something even better, because she seeks my advice and counsel and wants to know what I think about decisions she is faced with. She may not always follow my advice, but at least she cares about what I think. This mom is happy with that, and happy to have such a great daughter in her life, teaching me great lessons about life, unconditional love, and how to dress (perk of having a daughter with a degree in fashion merchandising).

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