Getting into single mode after being married can be extremely hard.  For me I hadn't been single since college and the men I dated in college were not what I was looking for as a now 28-year-old mother of two, full time working professional.  After taking roughly a year to myself to learn who I was and to create some amazing girl friendships, I decided it was time to date.

After a few frustrating encounters and awkward dates I decided the online route was the way I needed to go. I was totally freaked at first, "What if I see people I know? What if I get catfished?" Then I said screw it, I'll sign up and at least I know all the other people are here for the same reason and with limited time it was my best option.

During my time online dating, I met some really nice people and some not so nice people. Here is my quick DONT'S list for all of the guys out there.

1. Take a simple approach to your username. First things first, when you create an online profile, the start to the process is creating your username.  Usernames are a lot like first impressions, women will judge you (sorry, it’s true) on what this username is. Don't go for unique here, a simple combo of your name, initials and numbers is usually the way to go.  What NOT TO DO:

2.  Honesty is best. Keep the information on your profile true and honest.  Your profile details are essentially a resume for the job of being someone else's significant other. Hobbies? If you don't like reading, don't put it on your profile to make yourself sound smart, you will attract the wrong type of girl and end up with a few awkward conversations where you have no idea what she is talking about.  Talk about who you are and elaborate with details, women like to know a little bit about a guy before reaching out.

3.  Photos are VERY IMPORTANT. Let's be honest, we are all a little shallow and we look at photos most of the time before anything else.  This doesn't mean that you have to have the face of Leonardo DiCaprio and the abs like David Beckham to get a girl to like you.  Women are on online dating sites because they want to meet real men that they can actually date, not some fictional celebrity to lust over. Choose photos that are of you (no group photos please) having fun, being happy and smiling.

4.  Communication is key. When you see a girl that you actually may be interested in, do your homework.  Read her profile and contact her with something friendly.  "Good morning! I checked out your profile and it looks like you like outdoor sports, I just got back from an amazing hiking trip in Colorado and can't wait to go back! Where is your favorite hiking spot?" By noting that you read something on her profile, the conversation is more natural and it shows her that you actually read her profile rather than just looking at her photos.

5.  Make a move - Most women are on dating sites to actually date and hopefully find a mate, boyfriend, man friend etc.  Use email to get to the point of getting her number for a call or texting to ultimately set up a date to meet. Women are not looking for pen pals or chatting buddies.  Once things feel right get her number and ask her out already.

While it can be embarrassing to date online I have no shame in my game (or experience.) It was overwhelming positive and I met some nice people and now a great bf that I am proud to say I met online — I am ready for my TV testimonial. Just putting that out there.

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