I was not able to pry myself away from a sappy Hallmark channel Christmas movie to watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, but I know how this song and dance goes — sexy, thin, busty young things walking the runway in enough feathers to clothe Big Bird and just enough lace to avoid a Janet Jackson moment all while pop mega-stars belt tunes and get blinded by bedazzled stilettos. It doesn’t bother me. But, I do get why it bothers some women — spare me the “We’ve come so far to be seen as sex objects” feminist speech. It’s a fashion show. They happen all the time in Paris, New York and Milan and just because Dior and Chanel clothe their women in more fabric doesn’t make this wrong. You go girls. Strut your stuff on the catwalk. I ain’t mad at ya. I got nothing but love for ya.

What I don’t have love for is the hate Giselle Bundchen has received after posting a photo online of herself being pampered for the show while nursing her one year old. “What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep,” is how Bundchen captured the photo. Uh, yeah girl. I feel you. There isn’t any mom out there who doesn’t remember what it felt like to get 3 hours of sleep and then head out the door to work or to take care of her family all day on fumes. Bundchen is no different — her job might be glamorous and provoke thoughts of onlookers like, “Why should I feel sorry for her. She’s rich and famous. And has Tom Brady.” Cut the crap-ola. We all know that’s mommy guilt doing work at its finest. So what do the mommy guilters do — turn to Facebook, Twitter and their blogs, of course.

What is it about the photo that bothers people the most? Bundchen flaunting her team of pros making her look so fabulous or the fact that she has a near toddler latched on to her boob? I’m climbing on my soap box now, so if you are a hater, then by all means, go back to whatever you were previously reading on TMZ. It’s the fact that American society has a problem with women choosing to display a normal part of life — breastfeeding. If she would have been holding a bottle and her robe closed, no one would have batted an eye. No, Satan did not make formula. I never said that. Ever. But I just can’t help but have a girl-crush on any celeb who is bold enough to publicly allow others to see her in a natural state of being as a mother to her young. Hey girl, I flashed a little flesh on camera before too. On purpose. Say what?

I wanted the memory in a photograph. The memory of what it was like to be in such deep love with my daughter. It was tough work as I once stated in this published piece. Bumps in the road and all I kept on, but surely didn’t have a team of Pretty, Pretty Princes-creators like the fabulous Bundchen did. I got up, brushed my ratty ponytail into a haphazard bun and put on my hottest yoga pants just like the next new mom and wore that Ergo with pride as I hoped no one would see me (or the bags under my eyes) shopping at Target. I wasn’t confident in myself as a mom back then like Giselle, Pink and Angelina to post my breastfeeding pics to the world — I didn’t really like myself. But I loved my baby when she was nursing. It’s some kind of crazy chemical, hormonal, Oxytocin-induced love the brain creates. If you were not able to nurse for one reason or another, I’m not trying to make you feel bad. Honest to gosh truth. I just know somewhere out there another mom once felt this same love.

Now, I chase down an almost 3 year old and utter phrases like, “Get your fingers out your nose,” and, “Please stop talking, I’m on the phone,” and they don’t mean I love her less, they just mean our ways and needs have changed.

I leave you with these celeb photos I have seen over the years that have made me smile to know our worlds may be night and day, but we have a common bond and I know we once shared the same love.


Giselle Bundchen getting glam and nursing her one year old
at the Victoria's Secret fashion show


Pink breastfeeds daughter, Willow in a photo from Twitter


Miranda Kerr and son, Flynn.
Kerr's original caption read: “Just another day at the office.”


Angelina Jolie on the cover of W magizne nursing one of her twins

kwalker bf-1

And then there was me.
I'll never be a celbrity or nearly as gorgeous as one of
the women above, but I'll treasure this moment forever.

Lifestyle Writer Kari Walker has a 2-year-old daughter, Stella. When she’s not photographing her food or twerking, she loves CrossFit, running, travel and hashtags.

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