So, I walk into the living room one evening after cooking dinner, serving the Little Men, negotiating how much they can eat before they can get up from the table and tidying up in the kitchen. As I emerged from the kitchen, just to my right I see Zachary sitting in an empty laundry basket in front of the television.

He just made himself at home in front of the TV, so enraptured by the program he sincerely didn’t care that his choice of lounge furniture was a hard plastic tub.

At first I giggled. Then, I felt the “Daddy” slowly bubble up inside of me. I nearly corrected him — “That’s gonna hurt your neck.” “Don’t sit so close to the TV.” But, what kept me from saying anything was my very next thought:

Wouldn’t it be grand if I could let the world go and just sit in a basket and watch TV?

I’m not a workaholic. ’aholics of all types — alcohol, chocolate, etc. — are supposed to be anonymous. I’m certifiable. The only thing that gets me to stop thinking about work or my responsibilities is another project or a different responsibility.

Dizzy yet? Or, sound too familiar?

Seriously, stop while you are reading this, wherever you are. Take a moment. Think about it. How much of what is consuming your mind right now truly matters? Is the thing sending your blood pressure or internal anxiety meter higher and higher really worth the years it is taking off your life?

I know what you’re thinking … “He digested a little too much literature from the self-help section at the local book store.” “He spent a little too much time reading the positive and encouraging words from the Christian text message/email service du jour.” “Oh, man, he’s the first one in line to drink the Kool-Aid.”

It’s little moments like this that make me realize why all these self-help books, CDs, DVDs, seminars, retreats and whatnot exist. In today’s age when everything is within minutes of achieving, we seriously have lost sight of what really matters. All these modern day prophets are trying to make a buck on our own ignorance.

What is the meaning of life? No one will ever know. What is the secret to true happiness? That depends on the individual. No one will ever be able to define happiness for you.

Perhaps, we all could learn a valuable lesson from my five-year-old.

Maybe in today’s day and age, with the world at your fingertips and our constant pursuit of the next best thing that will make us happy for that one brief moment before we head off at warp speed to the next greatest and best — just maybe the greatest thing in life could be the most simple.

Excuse me. I need to go sit in a basket. I have an extra if you want to join me.

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