I’ve never been great at actually talking about myself without being prompted by specific questions. So when Amanda asked me to be a contributing blogger for IND family, I was both ecstatic and then panicked when she gave me my first “assignment”— to write and tell readers about myself. If I am to be honest, I sat on this “assignment” for far too many days, plagued with writer’s block.

So here I am, finally attempting to talk about me. Part of the problem I think moms have with telling about themselves is when you get married, have children, build a family, go to work, you slightly to almost completely lose YOUR identity. You no longer feel like YOU. You are wife, a mother, an employee, a sometimes absent friend and family member, etc.

For many years after having my son, my life completely revolved around him. I was married and a mother, and a soldier and a student. That was my life. And please do not think I am complaining by any means. I love my son — he truly is my world. But before I had him, I had definitely left no adventure untaken. I dabbled in art, wrote poetry and short stories. I traveled as often as possible. I went to more festivals and concerts than I could count. I lived. And somehow after I became a mother, almost all of the things I loved to do disappeared from my “must-do” list. Priorities changed. Life changed … I changed. Becoming a mother became who I am. Everything I did revolved around my son. I slowly forgot the things I enjoyed doing.


When I started back into the work force and became a single mom, I began to realize that I hadn’t done any art, or writing, or been to a concert in years. Heck! I wasn’t even in the know of many non-animated movies! So here I am today. My son will soon be turning 8 years old. I am a single mom but his dad is very active and a part of his life. I work a full time job. In my spare time I am part of local community groups devoted to building a better Lafayette (Girls/Guys Rock Louisiana and Building a Better Christmas). I also work for Cause and Event PR, planning and coordinating events and fundraisers. When I have my son we do whatever he likes.

I think it is so important for mothers to tap into the things they once loved doing long before they had children. Being a mother should not mean sacrificing WHO you are. It should compliment who you are. I noticed since I made it a point to revisit hobbies I loved I am a better mother and person for it. I gained patience and compassion. I make it a point to be a good example for him while enjoying the things I love doing and maintaining a sense of self. And I can only hope I will inspire him to do the same and be a great parent one day.

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