Joint_CarouselChiropractic care clinic aims to aid those searching for cost-effective wellness solutions.

Parish health units around the state have started offering flu vaccinations to all Louisiana residents ages six months and older.

Test_carouselImprovements in genetic screening are making a range of cancers more treatable than ever before.

Back_carouselOur Lady of Lourdes acquires SpineMap 3D software to aid its surgeons in delicate surgical navigation.

After falling four years in a row, U.S. births may finally be leveling off.


Amid new concerns, more measures are in place to protect student athletes from the devastating effects of concussions.


Whole Foods is the first national grocer to require labeling of all foods containing genetically modified organisms — and there are lots of them.


Each year the American Cancer Society honors a handful of people for their efforts in the fight against cancer. The Spirit of Hope awards embody all that ACS stands for — raising awareness, preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering for those diagnosed with cancer.

sunscreen_carouselIf worry about skin cancer doesn't make you slather on sunscreen, maybe vanity will.


Holistic health services in Acadiana offer natural alternatives to relieve countless ailments with little to no side effects.

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