Have a heart problem? If it's fixable, there's a good chance it can be done without surgery, using tiny tools and devices that are pushed through tubes into blood vessels.

Born with HIV 2.5 years ago and treated aggressively at birth, the toddler shows no signs of the infection.

Lasers are helping many people safely remove tattoos they’ve grown to regret.

A new weapon in the arsenal against aging may be worth the wait.

A look at what's up with health care in Acadiana.


People whose diets are heavy on fried foods and sugary drinks were more likely to suffer a stroke, a new study finds.

Realizing a loved one is sliding into dementia presents a host of tough decisions for families.

flu2The early start to flu season that's sweeping the country hasn't spared the Pelican State.

A Loyola University student has won a grant to help teach health care providers at a New Orleans area school counseling skills aimed at reducing childhood obesity.

Doctors in Baton Rouge are looking for 306 overweight, pregnant women to participate in a study of whether getting advice by smartphone can help them control weight gain as well as meeting with a coach or doctor.

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