Lafayette-based home health provider earned $6.3 million in the third quarter, compared to a $38 million loss in the comparable quarter last year.

The Lafayette-based lobbyist puts the skills honed through her own consulting firm to work for Louisiana Economic Development.

While President Obama did not seem like the best option for the oil and gas industry particularly, the industry will remain resilient.

Another predictor that likely won't mean much: Typically, when the Dow Jones closes higher on Election Day than it was on Labor Day, the incumbent is re-elected.

Offshore drilling rig contractor Transocean Ltd. said Monday that its third-quarter loss ballooned to $381 million, hurt by hefty charges largely stemming from its plan to exit the shallow water rig market.

First it was Hotel Acadiana, then Best Western Hotel Acadiana, then Crowne Plaza. Now it’s Hotel Acadiana again, and no one is saying what’s up.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration is returning to lawmakers this week to ask for approval to outsource a state employee health insurance plan.

The board for the state-backed insurer of last resort for those who can’t obtain traditional property insurance — typically coastal residents who frequently find themselves in the paths of hurricanes — will vote on the rate hike on Thursday.

Investors appear to be upbeat that the end of the presidential campaign is near.

Get an earful on how the outcome of Tuesday’s election will impact the state’s oil and gas industry.

Lafayette-based MidSouth Bank reports third quarter earnings of $2.2 million, up from the $300,000 the company reported for the third quarter last year.
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