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It took a judgment from the court to force the Lafayette city marshal candidate to pay his ex-wife $7k in past due child support.

The chamber’s Empower PAC has weighed in on the District 8 LPSB race, throwing its support behind challenger Erick Knezek.


A St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s deputy involved in an alleged hit-and-run will likely get off the hook because she doesn’t remember the incident.

leger carouselChad Leger is all like ‘whoah, man, all these swarthy Latin foreigners’ ... because ... ’Murka!

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Gov. Booby Jindal offers words of wisdom to CNN to help boost the struggling cable network’s ratings.

The chamber’s political action committee has come out in support of Shelton Cobb’s re-election bid for LPSB’s District 3 seat.

"The current majority of this School Board has put itself first rather than the students whom it is supposed to serve."

cockerham stepping carouselThe IND has learned that LPSB’s Mark Cockerham will be stepping down from his District 7 seat for the remainder of his term due to a residency change.

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Attorney Lane Roy confirmed Monday afternoon that Superintendent Pat Cooper is filing a lawsuit to disqualify three LPSB members from voting on his termination.

“I just want to know we are negotiating in good faith.” — City-Parish President Joey Durel

The PSC's Scott Angelle, a Breaux Bridge Republican, changed the dynamic of the 2015 governor’s race Oct. 2 when he decided the contest needed a major candidate from Acadiana — Angelle himself.

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