The state owes local school districts $30 million because the Louisiana Supreme Court threw out this year's public school funding formula, Superintendent of Education John White said Wednesday.

The proposal by St. Bernard Parish Rep. Ray Garofalo stalled on a 47-47 vote Wednesday. Garofalo, a Republican, can try again if he can pick up the six votes needed for passage.

The hiring of William Root, announced Wednesday, comes after Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration canceled a nearly $200 million Medicaid contract whose award is being investigated by state and federal officials.

Louisiana residents faced with having to pay back hurricane aid money because they failed to meet certain government requirements could get a break under changes the state outlined Wednesday.

A federal appeals panel has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a group of Mississippi Gulf Coast residents and landowners who alleged that emissions by energy companies contributed to global warming, which intensified Hurricane Katrina, which, in turn, damaged their property.

Lafayette Parish School Board member Greg Awbrey’s “Discipline Questionnaire” for teachers was unanimously approved during Wednesday’s meeting, with one major change: Awbrey won’t be the one receiving all responses as originally proposed.

Because the ladies just need to pull themselves up by their boot straps.

Louisiana's income forecast has gotten brighter, giving lawmakers more money to spend in the budget.

Red snapper, one of the most popular fish in the Gulf of Mexico, are the biggest and most plentiful in years, but the red snapper season in federal waters keeps getting shorter.

A former BP engineer charged with deleting text messages about the company's response to its 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico urged a federal judge Tuesday to sanction Justice Department prosecutors for allegedly withholding evidence in the case, a claim the prosecutors deny.

Lawmakers in the House rejected a proposal Tuesday that sought legislative review of large rate increases for customers of Louisiana's property insurer of last resort.

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