Mississippi Republican Sen. Thad Cochran has proposed amendments to a federal water resources bill to protect coastal areas from flooding or storm surge threats that might result from a new flood control proposal for Louisiana.

Though the money is there for the taking, DA Mike Harson has apparently neglected another of his responsibilities: collecting bond forfeitures, funds that benefit not only his office but several other entities of the 15th Judicial District.

That fee could top out at $300 a year by the fall of 2017.

The City-Parish Council on Tuesday approved an introductory ordinance that, if approved as a final ordinance in two weeks, will allow the city-parish attorney to subcontract with lawyers to file suit agaisnt people who have unpaid citations issued through the SafeLight/SafeSpeed programs as well as outstanding parking tickets.

The House Health and Welfare Committee already rejected a bill that would have expanded Louisiana's Medicaid program as allowed under the federal Affordable Care Act.

It took a Senate panel less than five minutes to approve a bill prohibiting the enforcement of federal laws in Louisiana regarding ownership of semi-automatic weapons.

In the wake of the Supreme Court of Louisiana ruling that the funding method for the state’s school voucher program is unconstitutional, the voucher program’s biggest boosters — Gov. Bobby Jindal and state Superintendent John White — released statements saying, in effect, the ruling will not retard the program’s progress.

House Republicans are at odds over a bipartisan budget proposal that contains $329 million in cuts to tax break programs that largely benefit businesses, a compromise that has GOP lawmakers clashing with their governor, state party and traditional allies.

House lawmakers moved ahead Monday with the outlines of a bipartisan budget compromise while sidelining Gov. Bobby Jindal, who opposes the negotiation framework because it would raise new dollars for state spending.

The House backed a proposal Monday that would allow gun buyers and sellers to circumvent any federal firearms ban if the gun was manufactured in the state, though no manufacturer now exists in Louisiana.

A proposal for Louisiana to tap into the federal health overhaul money available for expanding Medicaid has been steered to the Senate budget committee for review.

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