Jindal said Thursday that he believes the legislative resolutions that have received support in the House and Senate requiring budget committee backing of the lease agreements don't carry the force of law.

The bill would expand an existing prohibition on texting while driving to include accessing, reading and posting to sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

One day after the demise of gun control legislation, Senate supporters of the measure vowed to try again, while a leading opponent accused President Barack Obama of taking the "low road" when he harshly criticized lawmakers who voted against key provisions.

Or, this week in overkill ...

Patrick O'Bryan, BP's vice president of drilling and completions in the Gulf of Mexico at the time of the company's April 2010 well blowout, said he never heard any concerns that the rig crew felt pressure to cut corners.

Anti-abortion advocates are seeking new restrictions on the procedure in Louisiana to ban doctors from remotely administering the abortion pill via a video hookup, a process criticized as "telemedicine abortions" or "webcam abortions."


Chassion's release of an audio recording he claimed included explosive revelations about misconduct on the part of school administrators is further evidence he is on a mission to discredit the superintendent.

HB 420 will not only take away revenue crucial to the Cajundome, but by putting that money into the hands of a private, nonprofit to use in the redevelopment of Holy Rosary Institute, the proposed legislation may represent what the Louisiana Constitution defines as a prohibited use of public funds.

Though it clearly defies state law and the Louisiana Teacher Bill of Rights, Lafayette Parish School Board member Mark Allen Babineaux is calling for the adoption of a new disciplinary “philosophy,” one that is tantamount to a transfer of power from principals to teachers.

Alexandria Rep. Lance Harris, the delegation chairman, issued a statement saying Republicans support the move by their colleague, Ways and Means Chairman Joel Robideaux, to jettison discussion of the tax repeal bills.

U.S. marshals in Philadelphia have caught a 43-year-old Louisiana man who walked away from his trial on charges including vehicular homicide.

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