The president's proposal being unveiled Wednesday includes an additional $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade, bringing total deficit savings to $4.3 trillion, based on the administration's calculations.

The time-honored skill of typing is still helpful, but it's becoming less necessary. And that raises the question: Does typing have a future?

Arkansas has asked federal officials to let it use the Medicaid money to buy private insurance policies, and the Obama administration is working with the state on that idea.

People whose programs and services are slated to get cut in Gov. Bobby Jindal's budget have come to the state capitol to ask lawmakers to reconsider the reductions.

Holy Rosary Institute was a beacon of education for black students during the days of segregation, students not only from Lafayette’s northside but from other segregated areas as well, making any public effort to save the now crumbling campus worth pursuing. But by taking money already going to 24 existing nonprofits?

PAR’s caveat to state lawmakers is based on Jindal’s continued fixation with burnishing his national creden, er, his insistence that the income taxes be repealed and that lawmakers nonetheless figure out some way to make it work in the short time frame of a two-month legislative session.

That's the question lawmakers are considering as they get down to work in the first week of the two-month legislative session.

On the opening day of the legislative session, Gov. Bobby Jindal officially shelved his plan to eliminate income taxes and raise sales taxes.

State police are investigating a shooting near Crowley that left one man dead and an Acadia Parish sheriff's deputy wounded.


Gasp. Could Mark Allen Babineaux — an attorney — have broken board policy to the tune of $17 million?

As 72-year-old Samuel Little, a former boxer and transient, awaits trial in Los Angeles for the alleged sexually motivated strangulation deaths of two women, authorities in numerous jurisdictions in California, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and Ohio are scouring their own cold case files for possible ties to Little.

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