Police Chief Jim Craft says adhering to national policing standards could improve the work of officers and help the agency avoid lawsuits.

The search process has been lambasted by the Faculty Senate as too secretive, and faculty leaders have questioned whether Alexander has the background to lead a research-based university system.

Lawmakers seeking more information about the Jindal administration's cancellation of a nearly $200 million Medicaid contract amid an ongoing criminal investigation were told Tuesday that administration leaders were advised against discussing it.

Commissioner of Higher Education Jim Purcell has been at odds with the GOP governor over the depth of budget cuts to public colleges and what that slashing means to higher education.

The free Wi-Fi service began Monday, allowing anyone in the building to access the public network with their computers, tablets and smartphones.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue implemented the requirement beginning with returns due in 2013. Filing extension requests must be submitted no later than the tax filing deadline.

A federal engineer examining the lessons from Hurricane Sandy says findings after the October storm closely track the disaster of Hurricane Katrina seven years earlier.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's tax plan should include a margin of error so the state doesn't end up facing new budget shortfalls, the leader of a government watchdog group said Monday.

A test that fourth- and eighth-graders have to pass for promotion is on the way out. It's part of a series of changes unfolding in how Louisiana measures what public students know.

To help celebrate the release of his 20th record, Zachary Richard is being honored by both the Lafayette City-Parish Council and UL’s Center for Louisiana Studies.

gay_marriageOn Tuesday the high court will hear arguments in California's Prop 8 case, followed a day later by consideration of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

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