The attorney general's public corruption unit says that the office has an ongoing investigation into the awarding of the contract to CNSI, which was supposed to take over Medicaid claims processing next year.

About $88 million expected for this year's state budget hasn't been received yet by the treasurer's office for spending, lawmakers were told Friday.

"We call on Gov. Jindal to withdraw and publicly disavow this analysis so that citizens and elected officials can begin to have a reasonable debate based on facts, not distortion and untruths."

Maryland-based CNSI, which once employed Jindal health secretary Bruce Greenstein, was supposed to take over Medicaid claims processing next year.

Within hours of The Advocate breaking the story of a federal investigation into the state's awarding of a lucrative Medicaid contract to CNSI in 2011, the Jindal administration cancels the contract.

Derrick Comeaux believes the move was in retaliation for comments he made to the school board the night before in which he detailed discipline problems he encounters on a daily basis.

A bill pre-filed in the Legislature would, pending legislative and voter approval, amend the state constitution and make the job of state superintendent an elected position.

BP asked a federal judge Thursday to sanction its cement contractor on the ill-fated Deepwater Horizon drilling project, accusing the company of withholding critical evidence that could have been used at the ongoing trial over the nation's worst offshore oil spill.

Federal grand jury looks into awarding of $185 million contract to CNSI, where state health secretary Bruce Greenstein once worked.

langlinaisFaced with the loss of fire-dispatch services, Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais says he’s dropping a lawsuit filed against the city of Lafayette.

The situation at Acadian Middle is dire.

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