Transocean Ltd. called its first witness Monday on the 13th day of the trial.

black_bearsFor some reason bears in coastal areas couldn't fatten up enough for denning, so they're awake, active and hungry.

Jindal spokesman Sean Lansing said the governor had been on his way home from his son's soccer game.

game_onRepublican leaders have danced around questions about their White House aspirations, but the die-hard conservatives are already picking favorites.

The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge is reporting that its publisher has signed a letter of intent to sell the paper to New Orleans businessman John Georges.

Opponents were quick to criticize Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposal to eliminate Louisiana’s personal and corporate income tax and replace the roughly $3 billion in lost revenue by hiking the state’s sales tax.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration and lawmakers have shifted so much money from a repair fund into park system general operations that he cannot afford to take care of the cabins and amenities that bring in money for the state.

The election of a new pope could help heal the wounds left by a Roman Catholic sex abuse crisis that has savaged the church's reputation worldwide.

On his first day as shepherd of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, Pope Francis picked up his luggage at a Vatican hotel, personally thanked each member of the staff and even paid his own bill.

New 2012 census estimates released Thursday highlight the population shifts as the U.S. encounters its most sluggish growth levels since the Great Depression.

jobless_aidApplications for unemployment aid are a proxy for layoffs, and their steady decline signals that companies are laying off fewer and fewer workers.

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