The owner of the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 says BP hampered efforts to stop the resulting gusher of oil by misleading government officials about how many barrels of oil were flowing each day.

National Weather Service meteorologists are out on the road, training storm spotters to understand what they see in clouds and on the ground — and to call it in.

IND Monthly’s Lecture Series brings respected veteran independent journalist John Maginnis to Lafayette March 20 to preview the upcoming legislative session, Louisiana’s fall U.S. Senate race and Gov. Jindal’s national ambitions.


Change. It can be a frightening notion, especially in a small community like Arnaudville, where for decades change has been slow in coming.


After months of keeping hush on the identity of co-conspirator No. 1, the feds Thursday pegged Robert Williamson as the mastermind behind the D.A. bribery scheme.

The 18-year-old UL student will soon see daylight following a decision Thursday by 15th Judicial District Judge Kristian Earles to set bail.

The Alliance for Affordable Energy, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, is tearing into the Public Service Commission over its vote to reverse a statewide energy conservation program the PSC had already approved.

State Superintendent John White is ready to run with a plan to fund Louisiana’s voucher program that he believes sidesteps a state district court judge’s ruling that using Minimum Foundation Program funds to send students to private schools is unconstitutional.

Rep. Jared Brossett said he believes that because the hospitals are public assets, turning them over to private managers should require legislative backing.

The commission voted 3-2 to abandon the previously approved program plans, without allowing any public testimony before the vote.

Mark Bly, who led the investigation and has served as BP's global head of safety, said his team didn't have enough information to conduct a "systemic evaluation" of what caused the blowout.

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