Keynote speaker for a luncheon that follows will be television commentator and Louisiana native Campbell Brown.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are migrating to North America weeks earlier than in decades past, and research indicates that higher temperatures in their winter habitat may be the reason.

The legislative session doesn’t begin until April, but the state’s annual budget debate kicks off this week as Gov. Bobby Jindal unveils his multibillion-dollar spending proposals for next year.

Couillon, er, Courville pleaded guilty in federal court to collecting nearly $325,000 in Social Security disability payments for 17 years — from 1995 to 2012 — even though he wasn’t disabled.

Camp Boustany isn’t exactly quashing the speculation.

The vacation ship carrying some 4,200 people docked late Thursday in Mobile to raucous cheers from passengers weary of overflowing toilets, food shortages and foul odors.

Jindal is being urged by health care organizations, advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers to reverse his opposition to the Medicaid expansion and to take the available federal funding to offer health insurance to low-income families.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's top budget adviser said Thursday the administration is looking at ways to restructure Louisiana's debt to keep dollars flowing for state construction projects, even as the state hovers near its debt ceiling.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it's spending another $59 million this year on an initiative that works with farmers and other landowners to reduce pollution in the Mississippi River basin.

Officials say removing the traps helps improve waterway safety and navigation.

Prescribed burning is a commonly used habitat management tool used to reduce the potential for catastrophic wildfires, control invasive species, and restore and revitalize ecosystems.

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