Their guilty pleas bring to three the number of people now facing jail time in the bribery scheme involving cases prosecuted by District Attorney Mike Harson’s office.

The Facebook pressure was too much for the four men caught on camera stealing artwork from the Green Room early Saturday morning.

levee_carouselCiting the threat of terrorism, the Army Corps of Engineers declined an Associated Press request for specifics on the integrity of levees across America.

Louisiana's state school board agreed Wednesday to shrink the number of mandates required of local districts, despite concerns the move would let schools eliminate counselors and librarians to cut costs.

The House Homeland Security Committee was hearing Thursday from education leaders and law enforcement officials about what crisis prevention and response plans already exist — and was taking recommendations for other safety ideas.

deepwater_horizonThey are sharing their stories with a federal judge as she prepares to decide whether to accept the oil giant's plea agreement.

New Orleans is bracing for record crowds as the biggest sporting event of the year, the NFL Super Bowl, collides with Mardi Gras season in what many locals are calling "Super Gras."

The State Bond Commission received the final details Thursday of the debt refinancing for the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District that includes the termination payment to end the previous arrangement.

rainbow_flag_copySouth Louisiana is by no means known for spreading the love to the LGBT community, but could Lafayette be a diamond in the rough?

A Facebook search is under way to find four art thieves responsible for jacking a painting early Saturday morning from a wall inside the Green Room.

If Mike Harson’s former office administrator/secretary had anything to give up on her boss, it’s likely she’d have done it by now.
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