Kitty Kimball became the first woman on the Supreme Court when she was elected in 1992 from the Fifth District.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has held up Texas and Florida, states that do not levy income taxes, as models for luring investment and new businesses as he’s made his preliminary case for abolishing Louisiana’s own personal and corporate income taxes and making up the shortfall by upping the state sales tax.

It's another painful lesson in what happens when you vote to undo a perfectly legal process.

gay_churchFaced with changing demographics and dwindling attendance, evangelical churches refine their message on LGBT issues.

New Orleans Saints ticket holders who blame NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for the team's disappointing season aren't entitled to special compensation for their suffering, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

The chorus features 26 children from Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., where 20 first-graders and six adults were killed in a Dec. 14 shooting rampage.

"The American system of criminal justice demands that judges not only uphold the constitution and laws of this country but also remain un-swayed by fear of public criticism. Your recent public criticism of Judge Edward D. Rubin severely tests that principle, but I am sure Judge Rubin will live up to his reputation as a fearlessly independent judge." —  Russell Castille, former coordinator of the pre-trial monitoring program, 15th Judicial District Court

If approved, the 7-mill property tax would have generated about $6.5 million annually in additional revenue for a beleaguered Parks/Rec Department that currently relies on an almost $4 million subsidy from the city’s general fund.

ROULETTEThe department says collections from 18 participating casinos range from a high of $106,771 to a low of $12,218.

Now that a $4 billion plea deal has resolved BP's criminal liability for the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill nearly three years ago, the company will turn its focus to a trial that could potentially cost it billions of dollars more in civil penalties.

New Orleans police are in the middle of an unprecedented security challenge with an estimated 150,000 Super Bowl fans packing the city during the raucous annual buildup to Mardi Gras, when thousands of revelers flock to the historic French Quarter and its restaurants, bars and strip clubs.

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