The assistant district attorney who pleaded guilty to accepting gifts and $500 from a local private eye for helping his clients get favorable treatment in court has been replaced by Lafayette attorney Celeste White.

robotic_arm2Meter reader Art Liscano knows he's an endangered species: His department employed 50 full-timers just six years ago. Now, it has six.


HOSPICEThe state will continue to provide end-of-life care to people on their death beds who can't afford private insurance.

A Baton Rouge judge is hearing arguments in a lawsuit challenging Gov. Bobby Jindal's 401(k)-style retirement plan for future rank-and-file state workers.

chimpChimpanzees who have spent their lives in U.S. research labs may be headed for retirement where they can climb trees and socialize at will.

Louisiana-Lafayette softball assistant coach Joy Webre-LeBlanc has resigned.

Because of the magnitude of special events surrounding Super Bowl and a full slate of parades associated with New Orleans' carnival season, state transportation officials say they are suspending lane closures on all bridges, freeways, expressways and arterial roadways near those activities.

The proposal from a National Institutes of Health committee also said all of the chimps should have plenty of room to play and climb.

Conservative House lawmakers said Tuesday they will push a package of proposals that aim to expand the areas of the state budget that can be cut during shortfalls and to limit the use of patchwork funding for ongoing programs.

Families of the terminally ill and health care workers planned a candlelight vigil Wednesday to protest Gov. Bobby Jindal's plan to shutter the state's Medicaid hospice program in February.

Louisiana's flamboyant former Gov. Edwin Edwards says he's done his time, paid $2 million in fines and forfeitures and done everything required for his supervised release, and wants the supervision to end now.

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