JINDAL_STUPID_PARTYIn the keynote address at the RNC's winter meeting, Jindal said the GOP doesn't need to change its values but "might need to change just about everything else we are doing."

The city of New Orleans must scale back its plans for a "clean zone" where the use of banners, signs and flags would be restricted during Super Bowl week, a federal judge said Thursday.

Like vinyl records and skinny ties, good things eventually come back around. At NASA, that means looking to the Apollo program for ideas on how to develop the next generation of rockets for future missions to the moon and beyond.

cogs_carouselAutomated cars could be on their way to a freeway near you.

A Thursday statement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture says Stallings Head Cheese Co. is recalling 4,700 pounds of the cold cuts shipped to a distribution center for retail distribution in Louisiana and Southeast Texas.

cochon_carouselDespite the upscale Cajun restaurant’s runaway success in New Orleans, Cajun Country did not embrace the concept.

The Retired State Employees Association of Louisiana claimed the law is unconstitutional because it didn't get a two-thirds vote in the state House of Representatives.

The ACLU claims the city adopted the new policies at the behest of the NFL.

The assistant district attorney who pleaded guilty to accepting gifts and $500 from a local private eye for helping his clients get favorable treatment in court has been replaced by Lafayette attorney Celeste White.

robotic_arm2Meter reader Art Liscano knows he's an endangered species: His department employed 50 full-timers just six years ago. Now, it has six.


HOSPICEThe state will continue to provide end-of-life care to people on their death beds who can't afford private insurance.

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