“It is inevitable when one is restructuring a school system a nerve will be hit, business as usual will be disrupted, and the good ol’ boys will be annoyed.”

MAY_100429_0209Lafayette attorneys Alfred Boustany II and Thomas Guilbeau weigh in on The IND’s online story last week, “Judge Ed Rubin was go-to guy in tainted OWI cases.”

MAY_100611_3511Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, who was in charge of cleaning up BP's 2010 oil spill, will be the keynote speaker at an international scientific conference about the Gulf of Mexico.

After months of construction, road closures and flying dust, New Orleans is about ready to open its new streetcar line near the Superdome — just in time for the Super Bowl.

nagincrthouseNow, finally, that clueless, narcissistic poseur will be called to account for some of his many sins against New Orleans.
Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been indicted on 21 corruption charges including wire fraud, bribery and money laundering.
Of all the people 15th Judicial District Attorney Mike Harson could have assigned to prosecute Friday’s traffic cases, Gary Haynes should not have even been an option.
harson_cartoon_1You are not going to believe this.

This does not compute. Or does it?

ed_rubinP.I. Robert Williamson isn’t the only name missing from documents detailing the elaborate bribery scheme under DA Mike Harson’s nose for four years.
gopAfter back-to-back presidential losses, Republicans in key states want to change the rules to make it easier for them to win.
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