finger_lingerThe holidays may be over, but a Louisiana woman wants to keep a light display on her roof extending a middle finger to her neighbors.

State police stopped a speeding and weaving, empty school bus Monday in Calcasieu Parish, and determined that the driver was intoxicated.

The state has acquired more than 11,000 acres of wetlands in Livingston and Tangipahoa parishes as part of a conservation project funded by a settlement over the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

In hand-written filings from Angola State Penitentiary, convicted killer Brandon Scott Lavergne lays out his case for vacating his guilty pleas in the murders of Lisa Pate and Mickey Shunick, claiming, in part, that his rights were violated because he couldn’t watch TV or read religious material in his first week of confinement in the parish jail.

Sources tell IND Monthly several guilty pleas are expected soon, possibly this week, in the federal government’s investigation of DA Mike Harson’s office’s handling of OWI cases.

Too many missed meetings may be the best explanation for why a months-old proposal to expand Lafayette Parish's Language Immersion Program was able to slip under the radar of several school board members.

The Mississippi gopher frog would join Louisiana's endangered list under proposed changes to regulations covering reptiles and amphibians.

“Painful to observe, let alone imagine being built,” UL alumnus and artist Herman Mhire says of a local architect's attempt to redesign Fletcher Hall renovations after an online revolt against his first design by students, faculty and fellow alums.

Gov. Jindal signed an executive order today that will assemble several state agencies into a group that will analyze and improve the state’s current plan to provide safety in schools.

Louisiana’s civil court system — thanks in large part to the 27th Judicial District in St. Landry Parish, among others — has once again wound up on the Judicial Hellholes Watch List, a distinction only bestowed on states where ethics get thrown out the window, usually in exchange for shady back-room deals involving multi-million dollar civil lawsuits.

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