State Rep. Nancy Landry has introduced several bills that could potentially impact the Lafayette Parish School Board, and in a letter submitted to the board last week, she explains her reasoning for the legislation.

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The showdown between Big Oil and those who seek to defend the constitutional right of citizens and their leaders to hold miscreants accountable is coming this week in the state Capitol. It’s a true David-versus-Goliath story.

A New Orleans photographer's work will be showcased in a book to be published by the University of Louisiana-Lafayette Press.

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The state Senate's recent passage of a bill that could scuttle a lawsuit over damage done to coastal wetlands by the oil and gas industry would also seem to scuttle any notion that the political winds in Baton Rouge that have historically favored the industry are shifting.

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A local volunteer’s impassioned letter spurs action

Republican challenger urges senator to support House-passed bill to steer more offshore oil and gas drilling money to state for coastal restoration efforts. But Landrieu is pushing her own proposal in the Senate that would be more beneficial to Louisiana.

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Longtime SLEMCO board member and racing commission chair killed in two-vehicle accident; driver of car that struck him head-on facing multiple charges.

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New York Times poll shows Obama, Jindal have identical approval and disapproval ratings in the state.

OK, so they’re bentgrass, the type used on golf course greens. But grass is grass.

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Once again, Lafayette Parish School Board President Hunter Beasley is focused on an issue that has nothing to do with the educational well-being of our public school children.

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