Given the chance during Wednesday night’s meeting to discuss the threat of a federal lawsuit, the Lafayette Parish School Board decided to ignore the issue, instead opting to go home early.

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Nettles died suddenly Wednesday while recovering from gall bladder surgery.

“I know two things: We need more doctors. No. 2, they’re not just going to fall from heaven — we’ve got to grow them."

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Supporters of Superintendent Pat Cooper have confirmed that if the school board continues to pursue its probe of the super, a lawsuit will be filed.

As a majority of Lafayette Parish School Board members await the results of a board-initiated investigation of Superintendent Pat Cooper and refuse to compromise on the budget, sources tell The IND a salvo by Cooper's supporters is coming this week in the form of a federal lawsuit.

A correction was issued Tuesday by The Daily Advertiser saying its reporter misquoted the Rev. Gilbert Dutel during a weekend homily in which he addresses resurrected allegations that he molested a young altar boy in the mid- to late-1970s.

Louisiana has been designated the state with the nation’s fourth worst education system, according to a recent top 50 listing from WalletHub.

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On the cusp of a new school year, with the fallout from The IND’s special report, “What’s the Matter at Fatima,” still settling, the administration at Our Lady of Fatima is reaching out to the school “family” to offer reassurances about the academic and spiritual health of the institution.

The Hayride — Louisiana’s one-stop shop for far-right perspectives — has come to the defense of state Rep. Lenar Whitney following her embarrassing, early-exit interview last week with Cook Political Report analyst David Wasserman.

The Catholic Diocese of Lafayette says a 1992 investigation cleared the Rev. Gilbert Dutel of pedophilia allegations, yet when asked to produce those records, church officials came up empty-handed.

The former president and longtime board member of the Council on the Development of French in Louisiana has taken a Texas lawmaker to task over his use of the slur “coonass” during a legislative hearing.

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