On average, Louisiana women make 67 cents for every $1 men make, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

"Geaux Cajuns" is now more than just a rallying cry at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Now, it's also a registered trademark.

A legal challenge to a law requiring abortion physicians to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals is under way in the Badger State.

I can no longer remain quiet in light of this decision by the LHA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to pay out public funds on a frivolous lawsuit.

Thanks to heavy rains and possible flooding, Lafayette Parish School System officials are calling it a day.

budget hawks

Though the Lafayette Parish School System has a chief financial officer, who’s also an accountant, the school board is once again trying to take the budget process into its own hands.

griff carousel

EB Brooks and Danica Adams remember the wonderful man who inspired them — and everyone else lucky enough to have known him.

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Programs aimed at curbing dropout rates in the Lafayette Parish School System face elimination as a result of this year’s budget crunch.

Monday's Blogs from the Bog!

One of the state’s most brilliant political minds, John Maginnis was 66.


“It leads me to believe that the governance of the state is not as important as his other agenda. This is his side gig, which is a shame.” — BESE President Chas Roemer

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