Another bill pushed by Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration to undermine a lawsuit filed by a south Louisiana flood protection board against oil and gas companies started advancing Thursday in the state Senate.

trash carouselThe C-P Council at its Tuesday meeting will consider an introductory ordinance that would levy fines against residents who fail to move their garbage and recycling bins away from the road in a timely fashion.

Ensuring FIL carouselFest’s success is stretching the resources of Downtown. Where to from here?

U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, salivating on cue like a Pavlov puppy, is repeating a GOP House committee’s talking points. Because ... Benghazi or something.


State Rep. Joel Robideaux’s bill, which could help expedite a formal parking agreement with South College Shopping Center, is set for debate on the House floor Monday.

The botched execution of an Oklahoma inmate is certain to fire up the debate over what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment — the phrase written into the U.S. Constitution and defined by the courts, piece by piece, over two centuries.

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Speed cameras and other automated speed enforcement devices will be prohibited on Louisiana's interstates, if Gov. Bobby Jindal agrees to the ban.

LPSB carouselThe message from the Lafayette Public Education Stakeholders Council to the school board is simple: Get your priorities straight.

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Recent history — including Democratic U.S. Sens. Mary Landrieu's and Kay Hagan's 2008 victories — demonstrates why women are an electoral commodity.

The payday-lending industry has successfully beaten back efforts to add new restrictions on short-term loans in Louisiana, after a measure to put a cap on consumer loans failed to win passage Tuesday in the Senate.

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In a surprising turn of events, the special legal counsel hired by the Lafayette Parish School Board to investigate Superintendent Pat Cooper now says he's too busy for the job.

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