The Republican Party of Louisiana has had enough with the philandering hypocrite Vance McAllister. David Vitter? Eh...


A top aide to a Louisiana congressman videotaped kissing a married woman who is not his wife was one of the few people with access to the leaked security footage that exposed the dalliance.


Louisiana would repeal an unconstitutional state law prohibiting intercourse between two people of the same sex, if lawmakers agree to a bill that narrowly received the backing of a House committee Wednesday.

Aside from being sponsored by Giles Automotive, Acadiana Heroes has nothing to do with the car sales business; it’s actually a monthly initiative to spotlight and reward the people who are doing good in our community, yet, that’s not how one state agency sees it, and the program’s future is now in jeopardy.

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Parents Empowered, a local group of parents from the Lafayette Parish School System, has announced a series of town hall meetings over the coming weeks featuring Superintendent Pat Cooper.

A federal judge has ordered Louisiana education officials to provide federal lawyers with regular reports each year on students and schools involved in a state voucher program that provides public funding for some students attending private schools.

The National Feral Swine Management Program is giving Louisiana $300,000 to help reduce the animals’ damage to farms, wetlands and other areas.

House Bill 992 would exempt the Horse Farm property from the Louisiana Public Lease Law, which require public bodies to publicize and open for competitive bidding leases of publicly owned land.

Uber-talented singer-songwriter Johanna Divine has been named sales director at the NPR affiliate.

mcaillster carouselSo far, the media’s coverage of Congressman Vance McAllister’s philandering has overlooked the real issue, argues blogger Lamar White Jr.

A liberal group that used a state tourism slogan to hit Gov. Bobby Jindal over the governor’s refusal to expand Medicaid in Louisiana can continue to use the state’s tourism slogan — “pick your passion” — on a billboard in Baton Rouge.

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