Poor TV10, once a ratings juggernaut among Lafayette television-news consumers, reduced now to doddering among its ceramic cat collection in a musty TV parlor, muttering about the good old days as it adjusts the afghan on its lap.

gay blood carouselGay and bisexual men, who are banned for life by the FDA from donating blood, are being urged to make a statement Saturday.


The tumultuous fight between Louisiana landowners and the oil and gas industry over environmental damages and legacy lawsuits is an overly politicized process, which typically results in tainted lands being left as is.

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To know the retired UL art history professor was to love him.

In spite of the so-called “Jindal Miracle” — AKA smoke and mirrors — Gov. Bobby Jindal remains one of the most unpopular governors in the United States.

huebner carouselChuck Huebner, the veteran anchor and investigative reporter at KLFY TV10, has been fired.


It was sometime before 7 a.m. Monday when Lon Lomas was struck by an unidentified vehicle while cycling along La. 92 near Milton.

The Lafayette Parish School System is being investigated for alleged racial discrimination by the U.S. Department of Education.


Big Oil mouthpiece Don Briggs is at it again, this time turning his attention away from legacy lawsuits against the industry to the overregulation of the industry.

DLRBA carousel"From what I can tell, business owners Downtown have been more reactive than proactive in certain areas, and we’ve never been united in the sense that we can work together."

LPSB fiddling carouselAfter tediously chipping away, the school board has managed to close the budget gap by $1 million. Now, just $22.5 million left to go (with the new school year barely a month away).

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