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Lafayette criminal defense attorney Bill Goode appeared in federal court for a sanctions hearing Wednesday for his behind-the-scenes role in the Curious Goods conspiracy case.

A quixotic petition seeking the recall of Gov. Bobby Jindal — not we wouldn’t love to see it happen, only that it never will before the end of 2015 — is getting a head of steam on the interwebs.

Lafayette Parish School Board members cited closing the the achievement gap, raising test scores and lowering the drop-out rate as some of their priorities for the upcoming school year.

guillory carousel newFormer housing director will serve more than two years in prison for taking $100,000 in bribes and participating in bid-fixing scheme.

A Lafayette Parish tax preparer received two years in federal prison Wednesday for filing false tax returns for herself and her clients.

The state’s largest teachers union is giving Gov. Bobby Jindal a big ole attaboy for signing a bill designed to tweak the appeals process for fired teachers.

U.S. Senate candidate Rob Maness, who hopes to unseat Sen. Mary Landrieu this fall, knows he’ll have to get through U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy to do it.

Artmosphere carouse NEWlThe popular restaurant/music venue has only a few days remaining to get its food sales up or face loss of its liquor license by the state.

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J.W. Faulk Elementary is the last among the LPSS’s failing schools, so why is the school board resisting an allocation of money to fix the problem?

*Except in your vehicle in campus parking lots and while tailgating at athletic events


Last Friday, against the vehement and public urging of his own Attorney General and nearly one hundred of the nation’s most respected legal experts, Governor Bobby Jindal signed Senate Bill 469 into law.

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