Some Lafayette Parish School Board members just don’t like the Lafayette Parish Public Education Stakeholders Council and want the school system out of its membership.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal has reversed a ruling by a Lafayette district court judge delaying an appeal hearing before the Lafayette Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board by a former officer fired in August of 2011.


From the looks of it, election season is already getting heated, but officials with Lafayette Consolidated Government aren’t too happy about it, namely the recent flood of campaign signs showing up throughout the city.

With lawmakers refusing to scrap the Common Core, the fight over Louisiana's use of the education standards shifted Tuesday to Gov. Bobby Jindal.

With approval of the plan, Lafayette Central Park Inc., the nonprofit established to oversee the 100 acres’ transformation into a public green space, will begin fundraising in earnest.

The plan, created over months of public input under the guidance of the nonprofit Lafayette Central Park Inc., represents an ambitious — and expensive — guide for converting the 100 acres of raw, pastoral land between Johnston Street and West Bayou Parkway into a central public park for the city of Lafayette.


Wife, friends serving as campaign team for now 

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No rainstorm could stop several hundred people from gathering at the Horse Farm to honor Griff Blakewood Sunday afternoon.

It’s official: The Lafayette Parish School Board’s investigation of Superintendent Pat Cooper gets rolling this week.

Sen. Page Cortez’s bill to stop charter schools from getting dedicated tax revenues from the Lafayette Parish School System should have been an easy sell to his fellow lawmakers, but there was one problem: the number assigned to his bill also happened to be what the Bible calls the “number of the beast.”

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