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Compared to the rest of the country, Lafayette has it pretty good when it comes to the cost and speed of our Internet.

The Lafayette City-Parish Council will consider on Tuesday a revised plan to the transform a block in Downtown Lafayette into a mixed-use residential-retail-commercial development that doesn’t include giving title to the property to the Lafayette Public Trust Finance Authority, an arrangement the council rejected earlier this month.

cassidy 97 carouselBill Cassidy voted for 97 percent of the bills signed by Barack Obama.

A district judge decided Wednesday against sanctioning attorney/school board candidate Dawn Morris for her behind-the-scenes role in a lawsuit against Mark Cockerham.

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Paper cites the former ADA's "experience as a prosecutor, his demonstrated integrity, and his ideas for reshaping the [DA's] office" in urging voters to support Keith Stutes Nov. 4.

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Saints fans were to gather, make merry, eat/drink compliments of a new Downtown group and watch the Saints beat Carolina and claim 1st place in the NFC South. But...

He’s pulling for Knezek and Hidalgo on his end of the parish but issued endorsements in three other districts as well.

The Daily Advertiser has weighed in on this year's LPSB elections with nine endorsements.

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The Daily Advertiser uncovers at least two disciplinary actions against veteran sheriff’s deputy Kip Judice for driving a department vehicle after drinking alcohol.

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The LPSB has named Melinda Mangham as the interim replacement for the District 7 seat recently vacated by Mark Cockerham.


For all you red-blooded, church-going Americans out there unwilling to make a deal with the devil known as Obamacare, it’s OK, there’s now an alternative health care option that doesn’t include an eternal fate of hellfire and brimstone in the fine print.

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