According to Louisiana Oil and Gas Association Vice President Gifford Briggs, at least one member of the Acadiana legislative delegation will be going to bat for Big Oil during this year’s session.

“Louisiana should strive for a campaign finance reporting and enforcement system that promotes compliance, sets a high ethical standard and provides clear procedures that are practical, consistent and transparent.”

Lafayette Police say two men have submitted themselves to custody in connection with the harrowing caper of last week.

Artmosphere carouselThe popular bistro-slash-music venue is set to appear Thursday before the state’s office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control to prove it’s a restaurant and not a bar.

The Louisiana Oil and Gas Association is offering a pretty sweet deal, the only catch is you’ve gotta sit through their spiel about how “greedy trial lawyers” are killing the industry and forcing companies out of the state with their “frivolous” lawsuits.

TIKIA carousel2The Lafayette Parish School Board's mishandling of its insurance selection process over the last two years has caught the attention of the FBI.

Lafayette Parish School Board member Kermit Bouillion says he will defend his District 5 seat in the upcoming election.

Hot-button education issues ranging from Common Core to charter schools have some lawmakers pushing to scrap the appointing process and go back to electing the state's super.

Police say the handcuffed man fatally shot himself in the back, but his family isn't buying the story.

Hopefully he’ll be better prepared today than he was in that Feb. 20 deposition.


They came by the hundreds, arriving from all regions of the state to gather on the steps of our Capitol in protest of the Legislature’s long tradition of giving industry the go-ahead to abuse our air, our water and our coastline, all in the name of good economics.

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