Brennan's, a New Orleans restaurant that famously invented the Bananas Foster dessert six decades ago, is more recently known for a long-running family clash over ownership of the French Quarter eatery.

The 29-member commission supports policies centered on marriage and families.

LSU AgCenter Associate Vice Chancellor Rogers Leonard says the new rules likely will increase producers' costs for production.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, became the first potential 2016 presidential candidate this year to visit New Hampshire unofficially kicking off the state's presidential primary season roughly 2½ years before voting begins.

Two Louisiana news organizations are asking a judge to punish LSU's Board of Supervisors for not releasing documents related the university's presidential search.

XBR_budgetAfter days of closed-door negotiations, the Louisiana House backed a nearly $25 billion budget Friday that deeply diverges from spending plans recommended by Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The governor's office announced that Jindal, considered a potential 2016 White House contender, traveled to the important presidential primary state Friday to raise dollars for the New Hampshire Republican state Senate.


Duo serving as executive director and director of planning and design, respectively.

Our state legislators have once again shown little concern for the plight of the thousands of people living near Lake Peigneur, siding once again with the interests of AGL Resources, an out-of-state company attempting to push forward expansion plans that some believe could lead to a sinkhole catastrophe similar to the one playing out at Bayou Corne — as if that wasn’t example enough.

Louisiana’s first female U.S. Attorney will tell 173 graduates earning law degrees “how important it is for them to remember service as they begin the next phase of their lives.”
COMP_PLANThe third and final round of public forums on the Lafayette Comprehensive Plan is upon us.
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