A proposal to create the regulatory framework for surrogacy births in Louisiana edged to within one step of final legislative passage Wednesday, winning overwhelming support from the House.

A week after rejecting a bill that would have prohibited employers from paying unequal wages for the same job based on gender, the Louisiana Senate reworked the proposal Wednesday to apply only to state employees.

Lawmakers have delayed the start date of Gov. Bobby Jindal's signature retirement achievement from last year, a law that would shift future rank-and-file state workers to a 401(k)-style retirement plan.

A proposal to ban employers and schools from demanding access to personal online accounts has been scrapped.

Attempts to raise tuition at Louisiana's public colleges appear dead for the session, despite concerns about repeated rounds of budget cuts to schools.

A state Education Department analysis of the latest standardized test results for public school students in grades three through eight shows the state continues to make incremental overall improvement with a long way to go.

The City-Parish Council on Tuesday voted 7-2 in favor of granting motorists with outstanding SafeLight/SafeSpeed and parking tickets an amnesty period during which they can pony up for the cost of the citations without having to pay the late fee.

There’s no understanding the Louisiana Senate’s stance against SB 200 — a bill proposed by Sen. Fred Mills, R-Parks, calling for a delay of the plans by AGL Resources to expand its natural gas storage caverns beneath Lake Peigneur.

Lawmakers are looking for ways to create roadblocks for Planned Parenthood's construction of a new facility in New Orleans that would provide abortions in addition to other health care services for women.

Senators postponed a vote Tuesday on a controversial bill that would prohibit enforcement in Louisiana of any federal bans on assault weapons, after opponents called the measure unconstitutional.

Only 37 lawmakers out of the 105-member chamber supported the Medicaid expansion proposal, while 59 lawmakers voted against it. A day earlier, the Senate budget committee jettisoned a similar bill.

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