A ban on posting to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter while driving appears likely to hit Louisiana's law books.

Public schools, already required to have written crisis management plans, will now have to coordinate those plans with local law enforcement and emergency preparedness officials — and hold annual safety drills to rehearse them.

Two brothers with a history of drug arrests and suspected ties to a neighborhood gang each face 20 counts of attempted second-degree murder in a shooting spree that brought a sudden bloody end to a neighborhood Mother's Day parade.

Senators are expressing skepticism about some assumptions House lawmakers used to balance next year's budget.

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell asked a Baton Rouge judge to block access to records requested by a company whose $200 million Medicaid contract was canceled by Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration.

Louisiana driver's licenses would be used to comply with federal law requiring each state to create a national identification card for air travel, including domestic flights, under a proposal inserted Wednesday into a House bill by the Senate Transportation Committee.

The state owes local school districts $30 million because the Louisiana Supreme Court threw out this year's public school funding formula, Superintendent of Education John White said Wednesday.

The proposal by St. Bernard Parish Rep. Ray Garofalo stalled on a 47-47 vote Wednesday. Garofalo, a Republican, can try again if he can pick up the six votes needed for passage.

The hiring of William Root, announced Wednesday, comes after Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration canceled a nearly $200 million Medicaid contract whose award is being investigated by state and federal officials.

Louisiana residents faced with having to pay back hurricane aid money because they failed to meet certain government requirements could get a break under changes the state outlined Wednesday.

A federal appeals panel has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a group of Mississippi Gulf Coast residents and landowners who alleged that emissions by energy companies contributed to global warming, which intensified Hurricane Katrina, which, in turn, damaged their property.

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