Saying 15th Judicial District Judge Herman has conflicts on both sides, the state is asking that he be recused from the case involving Seth Fontenot, who is accused of murdering 15-year-old Austin Rivault and attempting to kill his two friends.

Louisiana Education Superintendent John White says improving the graduation rate among students with disabilities and enabling high school students to earn technical college associate degrees are among the priorities in the coming year for the state education department.

Ex New Orleans mayor says he's not guilty of bribery, wire fraud and filing false tax returns. U.S. Magistrate Sally Shushan set Nagin's bond at $100,000 and a preliminary trial date of April 29.

We encourage Rep. Paul Hollis to file a bill making sales taxes applicable only to residents who live within the jurisdictions levying them.

The Democratic leader in the Louisiana House, Rep. John Bel Edwards, says he's running for governor in 2015.

boodayingLouisiana — according to some high-falutin’ elitists who sip espresso, wear Birkenstocks with socks and are not real Americans — is the most unhappy state in the union.

The proposal to retire all but about 50 federally owned chimpanzees is the latest step in a gradual shift away from using chimps as test subjects, owing to technological advances and growing ethical concerns about research on primates that share more than 98 percent of the DNA of humans.

Covington Rep. John Schroder has set up a special email address to solicit comments. He's asking people to send their ideas to schoolsafetycomments(at)

BP and the federal government have agreed that 34 million gallons of oil captured during the massive 2010 spill in the Gulf of Mexico can't count toward civil penalties the oil giant faces.

Things could get sticky for four excessively absent Lafayette Parish School Board members as a complaint was filed last week by former state Rep. Rickey Hardy, who is calling on the 15th Judicial District Attorney’s Office to uphold school system policy and state law.
LCG_settlementThere should be serious repercussions for the Lafayette City-Parish Council members. 
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