Friday, Feb. 1, 2013
Written by IND Monthly Staff

Depending on which side of the front line you stand in America’s ongoing Culture War, the Boy Scouts of America’s recent announcement that it is considering ending its policy barring gays from membership was greeted with either cheers or jeers. We like the gays. We’re cheering. That this most traditional of American institutions would turn over to its local and regional councils the decision on whether to admit gays is another clear sign that progress on LGBT equality is indeed inexorable. And conservatives, in theory, should love it: make it a local decision, opine the Boy Scouts, rather than a unilateral decision decreed by a central authority. But the Boy Scouts, bless their industrious little souls, remain in a pickle: about 70 percent of troops are sponsored by faith-based organizations, some of whom have already signaled they may cut ties with BSA if it softens its policy on the gays. Said the president of Southern Baptist Convention to a sectarian publication, “To now see this organization that I thought stood on biblical principles about to give in to the politically correct thing is very disappointing.” Biblical principles? Jesus said nothing about the gays, although there are plenty of explicit and tacit endorsements of slavery, incest and genocide in the Good Book. So there’s that.

We’ve been fairly unabashed in our support of Lafayette schools Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper. He’s shaking up a dysfunctional, mediocre school district and has a proven record of success as super in other districts. But we couldn’t help chime a collective “c’est what?!!!” after reading what he said to IND Monthly staff writer Patrick Flanagan in a Jan. 11 report about two N.P. Moss students being arrested on rape charges: “It’s unfortunate, but it’s not like these are our star students. [N.P. Moss] is where all the kids who didn’t make it anywhere else are sent.” We were long under the impression that Dr. Cooper was from the “any child can learn — even poor kids” school, but we are pained to imagine that this was merely a poor choice of words.

District Attorney Mike Harson evidently knew for weeks that one of his lieutenants, Assistant D.A. Greg Williams, along with Williams’ secretary, Denease Curry, planned to plead guilty to accepting bribes as part of that embarrassing “pay and it will go away” OWI prosecution scheme, but he let them stay on the job. When asked via email why, Harson was blunt like only a self-unaware couillon can be: “Because they were training their replacements.” Let’s imagine how this “training” period might have gone: Williams/Curry to new hires: “OK, when the bagman brings in the money, count it, making sure it’s in small denominations, then stick it in the file drawer here on the left marked ‘payola.’ Make sure you peek into Harson’s office to see if he’s still watching Judge Judy or sleeping on his sofa. Then call (DO NOT email or text) Judge Rubin to let him know you need to meet in chambers asap to quickly dispose of the OWI case. You got that?” New hires: “Yes.” Williams/Curry: “You’re good to go.”

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